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District Superintendent
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Funding and Grants


The District Finance Committee is committed to offering camp scholarships once again. A total of 80 scholarships in the amount of $50 are available on a first come first serve basis. There is a cap of 10 campers from one church being eligible for scholarships. However, there will be a wait list option, for unused scholarship funds. These will be offered on a first come first serve basis as well.



All 80 scholarships have been awarded! 


Guidelines for use of funds: Grant funds will be used to further the church’s ministries by supporting new programs, enhancing existing programs and helping meet unanticipated ministry need. Innovative programs are encouraged. Primary emphasis should be given to supporting a new innovation ministry or activity and in general, requests for funding of “consumable” type supplies or materials should be limited to those necessary to enable or substantially enhance a ministry program.

Authorization for use of funds: Funds granted under this program are to be used for the purposes specified in the application, endorsed by the Church Administrative Council and approved by the New Ministries Committee. Funds granted may not be used for other purposes.

Grants from the fund: Grants from the fund will be provided upon Application 

Grants are considered a supplement to other resources, not as a source to fund the entire project. The application must include a statement of the specific need being addressed and be approved by the applying Church’s Administrative Council. The New Ministries committee has final authority to approve or disapprove any grant from the fund.

  • If the total grant project is estimated to cost $3,000 or more, at least two qualified quotes should be obtained and those prices included with the application.
  • Generally, the New Ministries funds will be disbursed when the church has collected its share of the projected costs.
  • If the grant funds are to renovated or add to a facility, please confirm compliance with Paragraph 2543 of the 2008 Book of Discipline.

Reporting use of the funds:  At the end of the project or should the project completions extend beyond  one year, whichever is earlier, the church receiving a grant from this fund will report to the committee the status of the project.

By submitting this application, your ministry or work area is demonstrating the type of initiative that will continue to enhance the church’s ministry, and extend the reach of outward witness in the community. The committee will earnestly consider your application for funds to supplement your fundraising, and support your efforts if at all possible. The following procedures are designed to help expedite your application.

  1. Please review the guidelines for the use of funds from the grant policies. Note that the program or project you propose would be new or innovated, an enhancement to an existing program or one that meets new needs not reasonably foreseeable at the time of budgeting .
  2. Submit your completed application to the Church Administrative Council for approval.
  3. After the Pastor’s approval, the application should be mailed to the New Ministries Committee (address included on application) or emailed to .
  4. The committee will consider and act upon the application at its next meeting (meets approximately four times per year). The committee recognizes that COVID has brought, and will continue to bring, many changes to ministry including moving to digital ways of gathering.  The committee encourages grant applications that support these new forms of ministry.   Given this, the committee may meet more frequently to consider requests and will contact a representative of the church once an application has been received.  If the application is considered an emergency by the Administrative Church Council, please indicate that status on the application. 
  5. The committee’s determination will be forwarded to the church address in the application unless there are instructions and a different address is indicated.
  6. If the project is approved for a grant to supplement other fundraising efforts, the church should notify the committee via the District Superintendent’s office, when the church’s share has been raised. If the scope of the proposed project significantly changes, this should be reported to the committee as an amendment to the application. In general, the committee will not release funds until the church has raised its share of the funding.
  7. At the end of the project, when the church submits a brief written report, please include an assessment as to whether the activity of the program or project should become part of the church’s ongoing ministries, if applicable.